Geocaching at Havenwoods

Take a Class

Watch for upcoming classes to learn the basics of how to use a GPS unit to search for geocaches.

Borrow a GPS unit

If you would like to give geocaching a try or experiment with a different GPS unit, you can borrow a Garmin eTrex H for use at Havenwoods.

Embark on a Trek Through Time


If you like discovering history, enjoy spending time outside, and need the challenge of solving a good puzzle, then a geocaching adventure might be just the thing for you! Stop by the education center to pick up a booklet or download the list of locations and a map. Your challenge is to follow 10 bearings, collecting a clue at each location. After you plug your clues into the puzzle solver, you can GoTo the final destination. When you find the answer, stop by the education center to claim a custom wooden nickel geotoken!

Find Individual Geocaches

If you are not quite ready for a geocaching adventure, you can still find and log five caches and three waymarks. For more information check out the web sites below and search for the caches by name, number, or zip code (53209). You can view the caches, but to see the GPS locations you have to be a GroundSpeak member. It's free.